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Bet on La Liga Winner with sport, one of the leading UK online bookmakers. Click now for the BEST La Liga odds and Promotions, Join today! Sports betting and odds for Football. Sports betting and odds for Football Germany. World Cup Betting at bwin, come and experience the thrill of the game with the latest World Cup Betting Odds. Bwin - The world's leading name in online. For optimum online betting convenience, we recommend that you use one of the OddsBet. Banker. Odds. Betting slip accepted. Total stake: EUR: Betting tax.

Football Betting Odds

Sports betting and odds for Football. Bet across the Premier League, Champions League, Europa league, all European leagues and international football tournaments with bwin. Football betting. For optimum online betting convenience, we recommend that you use one of the OddsBet. Banker. Odds. Betting slip accepted. Total stake: EUR: Betting tax. In cas e n o betting odds a r e available for a specific match pairing, and [ Beispiele, die Sportwetten Vorhersagen enthalten, ansehen 2 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Czech Republic. Translator Translate texts with the world's best machine source technology, developed by the creators of Linguee. Northern Ireland. Chancen pl. Die impliziten Wahrscheinlichkeiten see more auf aktuellen Spiel Wizard, geliefert von www. Please retry later. Football Betting. Football Betting Odds

K League 2 4. K3 League 4. LaLiga2 Allsvenskan Superettan Division 1 - Norra 8. Division 1 - Södra 8. Division 2 - Norra Götaland 1.

Svenska Cupen 2. Allsvenskan Women 6. Elitettan Women 7. Super League Challenge League 2. Premier League 4.

Vysshaya Liga 5. Ligi Kuu Bara Super Lig Lig 9. Persha Liga 4. Ukrainian Cup 1. MLS League 1 7. League 2 3. Club Friendly Exhibition Thiem's Seven Men clay 4.

Exhibition Eastern European Championship Women hard 1. Exhibition O pohar pratelstvi Men clay 8. Exhibition O pohar pratelstvi Women hard 6.

Exhibition Italian Championship 2 Men clay 1. Exhibition Italian Championship 2 Women clay 1.

Exhibition Turneu Amical Women clay 2. Exhibition Elle Spirit Open Women clay 6. Exhibition All-American Cup Men hard 7.

Exhibition MatchPlay Women hard 2. Exhibition Young Kings Scholarship Women clay 4. Exhibition International Tennis Series Men hard 6.

Exhibition Others matches - Doubles Men 1. Exhibition Others matches Men Exhibition Others matches Women CBA 5. Euroleague 9.

Super League 6. NBL 4. NBA Liga Pro - Short Hockey Comet Division - Short Hockey SHL 7. Extraliga 5. NPB NPB Minor League 2.

CNBS 3. KBO CPBL 6. NFL NCAA Six Nations 1. Super Rugby 5. NRL Super League 3. Ural Championship 2. Ural Championship Women 3.

Liberty League Women 4. Optibet Virsliga 1. Test Series 1. Icons of Darts Live League Champions Cup Men Champions Cup Women Beach Liga Men AFL SANFL 4.

Infinity Cup Doubles Men 1. Infinity Cup Men 3. Prva Liga 2. Superpesis 6. Ykköspesis 2. Superpesis Women 4. League of Legends Oceanic Pro League 4.

Dota 2 Parimatch League - Season 3 2. League of Legends European Championship 5. League of Legends Champions Korea 4.

League of Legends Championship Series OverWatch Overwatch League 7. Bantamweight - KSW Men 1. Catchweight - KSW Men 1.

Catchweight - Oktagon Underground Men 9. Catchweight - Women Oktagon Underground 2. Lightweight - KSW Men 4.

Middleweight - KSW Men 1. Middleweight - Oktagon Men 1. Welterweight - KSW Men 1. Bantamweight - UFC Men 6.

Featherweight - UFC Men 7. Flyweight - UFC Men 6. Heavyweight - UFC Men Lightweight - Bellator Men 1. Lightweight - UFC Men 7. Middleweight - UFC Men 7.

Welterweight - UFC Men 9. Bantamweight - UFC Women 5. Flyweight - Women UFC 7. Strawweight - UFC Women 6. Serie A 3.

LaLiga 3. Tipico Bundesliga 3. Liga 2. Vysshaya Liga 3. Pershaya Liga 4. Vysshaya Liga Women 1.

Campeonato Carioca 1. Parva liga 1. C-League 2. HNL 3. Liga 1. Division 2 5. Superliga 2. Championship 8.

Ykkonen 4. Kakkonen Group B 2. Super League 2. Pepsideild 3. Persian Gulf Pro League 3. J2 League 8. J3 League 3. Copa por Mexico 2. Eliteserien 2.

Toppserien Women 3. Ekstraklasa 3. Division 1 3. Division 2 3. Primeira Liga 4. Liga 1 1. Liga 2 1.

Fortuna liga 6. Prva liga 1. K League 1 3. K League 2 2. K3 League 3. LaLiga2 5. Superettan 5. Allsvenskan Women 4. Elitettan Women 4.

Ligi Kuu Bara 5. Super Lig 4. Lig 2. Premier League 2. Exhibition O pohar pratelstvi Men clay 4.

Exhibition O pohar pratelstvi Women hard 4. Exhibition All-American Cup Men hard 5. Exhibition MatchPlay Women hard 1. Super League 1. NBL 2.

NPB 6. CNBS 2. KBO 5. CPBL 2. No events for this time period. Super Rugby 2. NRL 3. Champions Cup Men 6. Champions Cup Women 6.

Beach Liga Men 8. AFL 4. SANFL 2. Superpesis 3. Superpesis Women 2. League of Legends Champions Korea 2.

League of Legends Championship Series 6. OverWatch Overwatch League 4. Serie A 7. LaLiga 4. Pershaya Liga 3. Vysshaya Liga Women 2. For the total bettor.

Please Note: Although the current score, time elapsed and other data provided on 10bet. If you rely on this data to place bets at 10bet.

Please refer to our betting rules for information on how we settle individual markets. Football is the most popular sport in the world and, as such, millions of people across the planet also like to place bets on matches.

England has the Premier League, which is one of the top football betting markets, but globally there are countless different leagues and competitions you can bet on.

Keep an eye on your email for promotion opportunities offering free bets on the biggest games and leagues.

Strategy is extremely important when it comes to football betting. While many fans prefer to bet on their favourite teams or local leagues, it is always worth checking out the statistics to get some extra insight.

Just click on the graph logo next to the match in the league list to open the statistics centre which offers a mass of betting stats from head to head results, top scorers and recent from, to a league position graph, average goals per match and even fascinating facts about each team.

Everyone from total beginners to those who consider themselves to be genuine experts is catered for. But there is always more you can learn about football betting.

With so much information out there it can be tough to know where to start. Our football betting guide will tell you everything you need to know.

So let's get going - read on! With its big-name stars and world-famous clubs, the Premier League is one of the top sports betting markets in the world.

But those who want to bet on the beautiful game should certainly not restrict themselves to just gambling on England's top flight as there are more than enough options to consider.

These include the home of giants such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, the Spanish La Liga, as well as the rest of the top five European leagues - Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1 and German Bundesliga, all of which have multiple fixtures every weekend throughout the season.

Of course, it is not just league action you can bet on with 10bet as markets also include top European club tournaments such as the Champions League and the Europa League.

And for those who want to focus on English football for their betting needs, there are a lot of markets for FA Cup and Championship matches as well as the Premier League.

With the proliferation of social media, the internet is full of football tipsters offering free football betting tips.

Some general advice that is worth following includes avoiding trying to gamble on too many different leagues and competitions, especially if you are a novice bettor, as it is difficult to follow them all very closely.

Instead, initially try to focus on up to 6 or 7 competitions and get a good understanding of the teams involved.

The more research you do, the better you are likely to become at picking out good football betting tips. Once you have mastered a small number of leagues you will feel more confident and can branch out into more competitions.

But form is always something that come into play so when assessing any football betting tips for today it is important to keep this in mind.

Choosing a betting site is one of the most important choices available to football betting fans.

With bookmakers and online football betting sites increasingly investing in massive marketing budgets to try and attract new users, there are a lot of options to consider.

Here at 10bet we are committed to providing our customers with the best betting experience online, and with over 15 years-experience in the industry we have a reputation as one of the best football betting sites.

Reliable betting sites do the basic things well - solid customer service, a deep range of markets, and odds that can compete with the best available on the market.

A football betting calculator gives you a chance to see exactly how much you can stand to win - or lose, of course - from any particular bet.

And football betting calculators can be extra useful for a bet that has multiple parts, for example a complicated accumulator involving a group of teams such as Barcelona, Manchester United and Bayern Munich, as it allows a football fan to see what their chances of winning might be.

When using a football betting odds calculator it is important to make sure the numbers that are being entered are accurate, as otherwise the results that are produced will not be correct.

This is the same as any other kind of calculator but remains something to keep in mind here. At 10bet there is often no need for a football betting calculator — you can simply make selections from the markets available and they are automatically added to the bet slip on the side of the screen.

The 10bet betslip gives you the option to enter amounts for singles or accas at the same time so you can compare the potential winnings at a glance.

Live football betting is perhaps the hottest area of the sports gambling industry right now and is becoming increasingly popular on football betting websites.

One of the major benefits of football live betting is it makes just about any match a lot more exciting to watch, but fans should be wary of placing a bet just to liven up a random fixture.

Instead, live football betting is more profitable for those who have a good knowledge of the game they want to bet on and therefore have a decent chance of predicting what may happen when they place live bets.

Some of the most exciting in-play bets you can find at 10bet are our famous Fast Markets, which offer the chance to receive an immediate payout into your account when you bet on what is going to happen in the next minute or five minutes of the game, such as whether there will be a goal, a corner or a penalty.

As there is no doubt live football betting is only going to continue to grow in popularity over the coming years, this is an opportunity that cannot be ignored.

The most basic football betting market is where we will start. Put simply, betting on the 1X2 FT market involves predicting which team will win the game or if it will be a draw.

The number 1 represents the home team, the 2 is the away side and X is for the draw. As the most simple market available, 1X2FT is one of the most popular out there and is always the most prominent for every football match available to bet on at 10bet.

And when you check out the pages for each league the 1X2FT odds are always listed alongside each fixture.

Next up, let's take a look at double chance markets, which offer customers two ways to win. Essentially, this market means you bet on a team to either win or draw their fixture.

This means that as long as they do not lose the match in question, the bet will be a winner. Odds for double chance bets can be particularly tempting when one of the teams is a strong outsider, for example when a much smaller club is playing Manchester United away from home.

Similar to the double chance option is the draw no bet selection. Draw no bet wagers do exactly as you would think from the name, with a drawn result meaning the stake is returned to the your account.

Football fans simply try to predict how many goals are going to be scored in the game and place their bet accordingly. This is where we start to get a little bit more complicated as we bring in handicap betting.

A handicap means a team is essentially given a boost to their score for the purpose of a bet. This means that if the actual score of the game was a draw, the bet would be a winner as Everton would be given an extra goal.

Fairly similar to handicap betting is the option of spread betting. The bookmaker will offer a range for a particularly market and the punter decides whether or not they want to take the wager on.

As an example, the spread for the total goals market in a game might be offered at 1. Spread betting is also sometimes known within the industry as buying and selling.

Another popular market for football fans is each way betting. While more often associated with horse racing, each way bets are on offer in football too.

As an example, each way bets can be placed on which team will win a league. Part of the bet is to win and the remaining section is for a place, which may be for them to finish in the top three of the league or to reach the final of the competition in question.

Almost anything can be the subject of a bet these days and transfers are no different. The biggest players such as Neymar are often the subject of strong transfer speculation and markets are offered on which club they are going to join next.

These bets are particularly popular during the major European transfer windows during the summer and in January, when clubs are able to buy and sell players.

The climax comes on the famous transfer deadline day, which is the last day that clubs have a chance to buy a new player before the transfer window closes.

Last but not least is the football betting accumulator, a staple for millions of sports fans. Accumulators involve including a series of selections to a bet, which results in massive odds and potentially vast amounts of winnings as a result.

A typical football betting accumulator might involve teams such as Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Chelsea to win their matches on a particular day.

Benefits of football accumulators are that the rewards on offer can be huge, but they are hard to win.

Mobile betting on football is a great way to have some fun and get the chance to win some extra cash while on the move.

The ability to bet from anywhere on mobile has had a revolutionary impact on the sports betting industry over the course of the last few years.

Of course, to do so you are going to need to use a betting app and 10bet has one of the best in the business - it is ideal whether you want to bet on a mobile phone or even a tablet computer.

Available to download for both iOS and Android, users of the 10bet betting app have access to all the usual betting markets with matches on offer from all over the world.

Using the 10bet mobile betting app is a seamless experience for those who want to bet while out and about or even from the comfort of the sofa while watch a game at home, so football fans should download it and make sure they do not miss out.

By proceeding with your transaction, you are aware of and acknowledge the medium level of your customer funds protection at 10bet.

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All sports. United States. Ice hockey. Motor racing. Table tennis. Beach Volleyball. Football Spain - La Liga 1. England - Championship 1.

Denmark - Superligaen 1. Turkey - Super Ligi 1. England - League One 2. Italy - Serie B 9. Portugal - Primeira Liga 1.

Spain - Segunda 1. Poland - Ekstraklasa 2. Austria - 2nd Div 4. Denmark - 1st Div 1. Norway - 1st Division 8.

Romania - Liga 1 1. Iceland - Urvalsdeild 1. Sweden - Superettan 2. Poland - 1st Div 2. Slovenia - 1.

SNL 2. Swiss - Challenge League 3. Ukraine - Premier League 1. Bulgaria - First League 1. Belarus - Premier 2. Czech Republic - NFL 1. Friendly 4.

Iceland - 1. Deild 4. Iceland - 2. Deild 3. Finland - Kakkonen Lohko B 2. Norway - Toppserien Women 1.

Finland - Kakkonen Lohko C 1. Belarus - Reserves 2. Denmark - 2nd Div Play off 1.

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